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Art and Architecture

Submitting Successful Proposals

  1. It is important to present a complete and professional proposal in a timely manner. Please double-check to make sure that all guidelines have been embraced.
  2. Make sure your proposal is received by the committee by the deadline.
  3. The salutation should simply be addressed to “Dear Committee Members.”
  4. We recognize that you may be sending a proposal to several different places. Please make sure the address of the organization you are sending your current proposal to is on your materials.
  5. Place your name, address, and all other contact information on both your cover letter and resume.
  6. All proposals must be typed.
  7. While it is not necessary that you submit sophisticated CAD drawings, make your drawings and diagrams as strong as possible in representing the piece.
  8. For a project that has a specific concept, be sure to address how the proposal specifically fits the described theme.
  9. Please insure that your proposal has been proofed for spelling and grammar.
  10. Make sure that you have submitted everything required by the committee.
  11. Please adhere to all size and presentation requirements as described in the project guidelines.
  12. Submit a complete and accurate budget.
  13. Make sure that your slides are completely labeled and that you understand the principle of putting dots on the slide. (The dot goes on the lower left corner of a slide so that when you turn it upside down and put it in the carousel, the dot is easy to see in the little dip space in the slide divider.)