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Art and Architecture

Art Listing

Compiled March 2000
Title Artist Location Medium Year
"Symphony in Three Forms" Finegan, Don Exterior: East side of Russell Hall Fiberglass, Bronze, Copper 1960
"Gregorian Chant" Delafield, David Exterior: South end of Russell Hall Mosaic 1960
"Impact of Experience" Egri, Ted Exterior: Between Rod Library & East Gymnasium Cor-ten Steel 1964
"Metal Wall Sculpture" Haskell, Ralph Interior: Stairwells of Rod Library Metal 1964
"The Acrobats" Whiting, Edward Exterior: Redeker Center complex courtyard Fiberglass and Epoxy Resin 1965
"Towers Art Project (The Three Mushrooms)" Padavano, Anthony Exterior: South of the Towers Dining Center Painted Steel 1973
"Environmental Place" Fountain; Stainless Steel, Concrete, Bricks, Fiberglass, Plywood 1973 Exterior: East plaza outside Schindler Education Center
"Dichotomy II" Ogle, Philip Interior: Rod Library Suspended 2nd-3rd floors Galvanized Steel 1974
"Variations On A Theme: Joy" Lorr, Anthony Exterior: Plaza between Seerley Hall and McCollum Science Hall Stainless Steel 1975
"Industrial Technology Sculpture" Engman, Robert Exterior: Northwest of Industrial Technology Center Cor-ten Steel 1979
"Porta Largo Dunsenbery, Walter Exterior: South side of Kamerick Art Building Sardinian White Marble 1985
"Untitled" Hung-Shu, Hu Interior: Hemisphere Lounge, Maucker Union Plexiglas 1985
Four Framed Works: "Masquerade Ball" "Brontosaurus Breakthrough" "Sweeping..." "By Gone Birthdays" Burns, Sharon Interior: Lobby of Kamerick Art Building Oil on Canvas 1985
Untitled Stalnaker, Budd Interior: Rod LIbrary Fiber Work 1985
"Origins of Life" Schultz, John Interior: McCollum Science Hall Photomontage 1985
"Balanced/Unbalanced Beaks" Benton, Fletcher Exterior: North Side of Curris Business Building Painted Steel 1993
"Star Panel Nacreous Pink" Anderson, Hale Interior: Strayer-Wood Theatre Cast Acrylic
"New Painting Room" Echeverria, Frje Interior: Center for Educational Technology Pastels
"Untitled" Sandvik, Loren Interior: Club Ninety One, Maucker Union Wall Hanging: Silkscreen, Metal, Fabric, Paint 1993
"Natures Secret" Loftquist, Janet Exterior: North side of Latham Hall Limestone, Bronze, Cast Concrete
"Iowa Cycles" Marcheschi, Cork Exterior: Union Plaza, between Rod Library and Maucker Union Aluminum and Neon; Reflecting Pool 1994
"Architectural and Environmental Symposium" Sweet, Jason Exterior: Industrial Technology Center, West Side Bronze 1994
"Sun Studies" Eldred, Dale and Robbie Lord Interior: Center for Energy and Environmental Education Defraction Grating 1994
"Dedicated to Annie Turner Wittenmyer" Gibbs, Tom Exterior: Center of circular drive east of Lang Hall Bronze and Stone 1996
"Rotovane" Perless, Robert Exterior: Residence on the Hill Stainless Steel 1995
"Education," 1920; "In Memorium," 1920; "Agriculture," 1921; "The Council of Indians," 1921; The Commonwealth," 1921 Dodge, William De Leftwich Interior: Seerley Hall Restoration of murals in Great Reading Room 1995
"Wall Sculpture" Easley, Jeff Interior: Commons Dinning Center- Southwest Entrance Wood Relief Sculptures 1995
"Mural" Kelley, Gary Interior: ROTH Residence Halls 1996
"Untitled" Stancliffe, Tom Exterior: Price Lab School North side, Running Track 1996
"Pedestals" Schnabel, JoAnn Interior: McCollum Science Hall Ceramic 1996
"Gate" "Blade" "Panel 3" Anderson, Hale Interior: Maucker Union, only one piece is currently on display, sitting near Hemisphere Lounge Plexiglass
"Prismatic Pyramids" King, Ray Interior: Over Grand Staircase, Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Art Center Refractive Glass, Stainless Steel 2000
"Stage Set For A Film #1" Oppenheim, Dennis Exterior: Between Wellness Recreation Center and UNI Dome on Hudson Road Steel, found objects 2000
Replicas of sculptures on the Soldier's and Sailor's Monument at the State Capitol Ketchum, Harriet/ Carl Rohl-Smith Interior: Lang Hall Auditorium Plaster- in process of being restored 2000